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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play a bodhrán – or what the heck one is – you’re in the right place. CelticMKE is about sharing our love of Irish music, Celtic history, and culture with people in the Midwest, and all over the world! You’ll find programs for the whole family, lectures by leading experts in Celtic culture, classes in traditional language, music and crafts, and our signature event, Milwaukee Irish Fest. Whether you want to reconnect with your roots, or explore a culture that’s new to you, CelticMKE is here to help.

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The Battle of the Crimson Warrior Virtual Film Premiere

Virtual Event: Premiere of the Irish Short Film, The Ballad of The Crimson Warrior

A musical tribute to those who dared to dream. Watch the U.S. premiere of the Irish short film "The Battle of the Crimson Warrior" on Thursday, February 10 at 7:00pm CT on our YouTube channel.


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5 Irish Flute Players You Need To Hear

5 Irish Flute Players You Need to Hear

The sound of the flute has been a part of Irish music for generations.


Shannon Heaton

4 Steps to Inhabiting Your Irish Music Repertoire

It's not what you play, it's the way that you play it. It's sometimes hard to believe this, especially when you're sitting in a session and you don't know all/any of the tunes being played. There are so many tunes to learn.


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Irish Music Performances

Watch exclusive YouTube videos of Irish music performances from artists such as Scythian, Runa, Rory Makem, and more!


De Dannan

De Dannan and the Golden Age of Irish Traditional Music

Based on the groundbreaking blending of traditional and modern music techniques introduced by composer Sean O'Riada at the University College Cork in the 1960s, a number of new Irish bands emerged a decade later that revolutionized Irish traditional music, including De Dannan.


5 Irish Tin Whistle Players You Need To Hear (photo by Daniel Fernandez)

5 Irish Tin Whistle Players You Need To Hear

The tin whistle is a humble instrument but can sound amazing in the hands of an expert musician. Listen and learn about 5 influential Irish whistle players.


CelticMKE Blog, My Trip to Glendalough, Dingle, Dublin and Belfast

Irish Destinations: My Trip to Glendalough, Dingle, Dublin and Belfast

Guest Blogger Jessi L. writes about her Winter trip to Ireland, which included sightseeing, concerts, Christmas markets, and more.


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School of Music Enrollment

Sign up for music classes on Irish fiddle, bodhran, flute, whistle, guitar and more!


CelticMKE Book Club

Irish and Celtic Book Club

Love to read? Join our monthly Irish & Celtic book club where we read books from Irish and Scottish authors.


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Fáilte to Irish and Celtic Culture!

Fáilte (that means “welcome” in Gaelic) to CelticMKE, your go-to resource for all things Irish and Celtic in the Milwaukee area and around the globe! You’re probably familiar with our signature event, Milwaukee Irish Fest, but maybe you haven’t listened to historic recordings from our Ward Irish Music Archives, learned Celtic music and culture face-to-face with leading experts during the Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School, or learned the tin whistle or Irish fiddle with faculty from the Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music. Start exploring your Irish and Celtic heritage - or discovering your own unique love for it – with CelticMKE today!

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