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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play a bodhrán – or what the heck one is – you’re in the right place. CelticMKE, the home of Milwaukee Irish Fest, is about sharing our love of Irish music, Celtic history, and culture with people in the Midwest, and all over the world! You’ll find programs for the whole family, lectures by leading experts in Celtic culture, classes in traditional language, music and crafts, and our signature event, Milwaukee Irish Fest. Whether you want to reconnect with your roots, or explore a culture that’s new to you, CelticMKE is here to help.

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What's New

Rent Our Space

Host your next event in our beautiful, historic building, located in the village of Wauwatosa!


The Calling Trip to Ireland 2024

The Calling: Music and Cultural Tour of Ireland

January 18 - 28, 2024: Join us for our unique music and cultural tour—an opportunity to enjoy an authentic and educational experience in Ireland. The 10-day trip spans two Irish cultural festivals and a host of cultural activities in between throughout County Donegal and Dublin City!


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5 Scotland Castles to Check Out

Five castles to put on your bucket list of castles to visit in Scotland! From the oldest Scottish castle to the biggest, these castles are rich with history, beauty and stunning views!


Tips for Practicing Irish Music

To help make the most of your Irish music (or any style of music) practice time, we've compiled a few tips to help make getting started less daunting...


Founding of the American League by Irish Americans

The Founding of the American League by Five Irish-American Milwaukeeans

Most people do not know that the American League was founded and incorporated in Milwaukee. The fact that four of them were Irish-Americans, as well as the man who initially brought them all together, Ted Sullivan, is even less well-known.


Irish Movies to Watch

5 Irish Movies to Watch

Stream and watch Irish movies that were made by Irish film directors and Irish production companies, such as Kenneth Branagh, Lance Daley, and Cartoon Saloon!


Songcraft and Storytelling: RUNA's Guide for Song Arranging

Songcraft and Storytelling: RUNA's Guide for Song Arranging

Every song that we perform has a story. But how do you find that story? How do you choose a song and then make it your own? When you break it down to basics, the steps of song arranging are pretty simple.


Ed Ward - Founder's Corner

Founder's Corner

View Ed Ward's blogs (Founder of the Milwaukee Irish Fest) to learn of his discoveries of Irish music, locally to internationally, and his quest to preserve Irish history.


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Upcoming Events

The Finns - in concert in Milwaukee, May 11, 2024!

The Finns | Irish Music Concert

We are excited to host The Finns on Saturday, May 11, 2024.


Chuck Ward Memorial Blood Drive

Chuck Ward Memorial Blood Drives

Next Blood Drive: Tuesday, May 28th: 3pm-7pm. Appointments are strongly encouraged.


CelticMKE Céilí Dances

CelticMKE Céilí Dances

Join us at our CelticMKE Center in the Village of Wauwatosa for monthly céilí dance gatherings. All ages welcome. Instruction always offered.


Milwaukee Irish Fest

Milwaukee Irish Fest

Milwaukee Irish Fest takes place August 15th-18th, 2024 at the Henry Maier Festival Park. Join us for a weekend of Celtic music, culture, food, dance, history and more!


Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music

Irish Fest School of Music

School of Music at the Milwaukee Irish Fest Center. Our dedicated faculty of musicians has come together to offer instruction in instrumental Irish traditional dance music to students of all ages. Music lessons, group classes, and workshops are offered for Irish music students of varying ability levels.


Disc Golf Open

CelticMKE Disc Golf Open

May 4, 2024: Estabrook Park. This event is unsanctioned and open to all amateurs in advanced, intermediate, recreational and novice divisions.


Fáilte to Irish and Celtic Culture!

Fáilte (that means “welcome” in Gaelic) to CelticMKE, your go-to resource for all things Irish and Celtic in the Milwaukee area and around the globe! You’re probably familiar with our signature event, Milwaukee Irish Fest, but maybe you haven’t listened to historic recordings from our Ward Irish Music Archives, learned Celtic music and culture face-to-face with leading experts during the Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School, or learned the tin whistle or Irish fiddle with faculty from the Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music. Start exploring your Irish and Celtic heritage - or discovering your own unique love for it – with CelticMKE today!

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