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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play a bodhrán – or what the heck one is – you’re in the right place. CelticMKE is about sharing our love of Irish music, Celtic history, and culture with people in the Midwest, and all over the world! You’ll find programs for the whole family, lectures by leading experts in Celtic culture, classes in traditional language, music and crafts, and our signature event, Milwaukee Irish Fest. Whether you want to reconnect with your roots, or explore a culture that’s new to you, CelticMKE is here to help.

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The Story of Halloween

The Story of Halloween

Halloween has its roots with the Ancient Celts. Discover the history and transformation on this centuries-old holiday and learn about the traditions some still practice today.


The Dullahan: The Irish Headless Horseman

The Dullahan: The Irish Headless Horseman

Even for the Irish, and the Celts, Dullahan is a starkly dark creature. Where did he come from, this headless one?


Tlachtga - The Hill of Ward & The Samhain Fire

Tlachtga - The Hill of Ward & The Samhain Fire

November 1st was traditionally known as Samhain, literally translated, the "end of summer." Tradition has it that druids lit a huge bonfire on the Hill of Tlachtga...


San Patricios

Los Verdaderos Heroes: San Patricios

Mexico and Ireland have a relationship that dates all the way back to the 1840s.


Founding of the American League by Irish Americans

The Founding of the American League by Five Irish-American Milwaukeeans

Most people do not know that the American League was founded and incorporated in Milwaukee. The fact that four of them were Irish-Americans, as well as the man who initially brought them all together, Ted Sullivan, is even less well-known.


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Free Facebook concert series. Episode 6, ft. Scythian, November 29 @ 6pm CT / 7pm ET. Click below to watch earlier episodes, which feature various Irish folk artists!


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School of Music Enrollment

Sign up for music classes on Irish fiddle, bodhran, flute, whistle, guitar and more!


Celtic Boutique

Celtic Christmas Boutique

In-Person Celtic Boutique Canceled: However, we have a list of all of the vendors that were scheduled to appear so that you can still peruse their products and shop local this holiday season! Please consider supporting these Midwest artisans!


CelticMKE Book Club

Irish and Celtic Book Club

Love to read? Join our monthly Irish & Celtic book club where we read books from Irish and Scottish authors.


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Fáilte to Irish and Celtic Culture!

Fáilte (that means “welcome” in Gaelic) to CelticMKE, your go-to resource for all things Irish and Celtic in the Milwaukee area and around the globe! You’re probably familiar with our signature event, Milwaukee Irish Fest, but maybe you haven’t listened to historic recordings from our Ward Irish Music Archives, learned Celtic music and culture face-to-face with leading experts during the Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School, or learned the tin whistle or Irish fiddle with faculty from the Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music. Start exploring your Irish and Celtic heritage - or discovering your own unique love for it – with CelticMKE today!

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