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Pat Connaughton from the Milwaukee Bucks

Takes a Deep Dive into Celtic Culture!


Basketball star Pat Connaughton, from the Milwaukee Bucks, visited our CelticMKE Center in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to spend some time learning more about Irish American history and his Irish roots. Pat is an Irish American, whose grandparents (on both his father and mother's side), hail widely from the County Galway region. It's evident he's proud of his Irish heritage, and we are certainly grateful that he was so willing to get silly with us and dive into Irish culture! Check out the videos below or here on our YouTube channel.

Irish Dance

Pat Connaughton learns how to Irish dance from a local Milwaukee dancer.


Irish Tin Whistle

Pat Connaughton learns how to play a song on the Irish tin whistle from Milwaukee Irish Fest School of Music Director Jeff Ksiazek!


Gaelic - The Irish Language

Pat Connaughton learns how to say a couple of words and phrases in Gaelic. We definitely challenged him a bit on that last one!


Irish American Music and Pat Connaughton's Irish Roots

Pat Connaughton tells us a bit about where his family comes from in Ireland (his grandparents on both sides are widely from the County Galway area), and Barry Stapleton from our Ward Irish Music Archives, gives him a tour of our Archives, teaching Pat a bit about the history of Irish American music.


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