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CelticMKE Disc Golf Open

Saturday, May 6, 2023 | Locationo TBD

The CelticMKE Open - an event that will support CelticMKE's efforts in preserving and promoting Celtic culture in both the Milwaukee community and around the world. This event is unsanctioned and open to all amateurs in advanced, intermediate, recreational and novice divisions. *Typical Open players are welcome to play in the Advanced division [years past there haven't been enough Open players to warrant their own division].

All registrants will receive an official disc commemorating the event in their player pack, upon check-in.

We recommend when registering that you have friends in mind that you plan to team with, as we'll be playing 18-20 holes in groups of 4. If you are a solo registrant, we'll pair you into a group. 

Registration information coming soon. Join our Facebook Group here.

Event Schedule:

8:00 am Registration/Check-In

8:30 am Beginner's Demonstration // Warm-Up

9:28 am 2 minute warning, be at your starting holes

9:30 am Start

Format & Pricing:

~ $45 per player
~ Singles format
~ Unsanctioned

Registration Includes:

~ Player Pack
~ Lunch
~ Complimentary Water, Soda, Beer

+ Raffle Tickets: sold on site for backpacks, discs and more
+ $2 Ace Pool that pays out at the end of the day. If no aces are hit, 50% goes to a CTP for all that paid in and 50% gets donated to the organization

Interested in becoming a Hole Sponsor, Partner, and/or have a product you'd like to donate for the raffle? Contact us at

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CelticMKE Disc Golf Testimonial

CelticMKE Disc Golf Testimonial

CelticMKE Disc Golf Open  CelticMKE Disc Golf   CelticMKE Disc Golf  

CelticMKE Disc Golf Photo  CelticMKE Disc Golf Photos  CelticMKE DIsc Golf Photo

CelticMKE DIsc Golf Photo  CelticMKE DIsc Golf Photo  CelticMKE DIsc Golf Photo

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