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The Milwaukee Irish Dance Company

Continuning the Irish Dance Tradition

Published 2017

CelticMKE - Milwaukee Irish Dance Company
The Milwaukee Irish Dance Company is made up of local [Milwaukee] retired dancers who meet up once a week to have fun, stay in shape and keep dancing. 

MIDC is comprised of dancers who formerly danced with academies throughout the midwest, including several Milwaukee Irish Dance schools. 

They create innovative fusion choreography, mixing traditional Irish dance with other dance forms, such as hip hop.

If you love Irish dance and want a performance at your next event, you can get in touch with them, here. 

MIDC is the next chapter for adult Irish dancers (over 18); if you are looking to continue your passion for Irish dance, MIDC is open to anyone with a prior knowledge of the dance form.

Watch the video below to get a sense of their performances and style!

Milwaukee Irish Dancers  Milwaukee Irish Dance  Milwaukee Irish Dance downtown


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