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Grandma's Hamburgers

Published May 28, 2016
By Melissa Nickels, Staff Blogger



Growing up, my Grandma spoiled me and the other grandkids with her prodigious cooking. People always say their grandmothers are the best cooks, but I attest that my Grandma IS the absolute best. 

From desserts such as molasses cookies and graham cracker vanilla ice cream to dishes such as bake steak and Spanish rice, my Grandma can conjure up any dish and it will turn out delicious . . . every time. 

Now, ask my Grandma, "What's your secret?" and she'll happily share with you any of her recipes. Much of what I cook comes from her willingness to teach her trade and tricks. Although most of my favorite recipes of hers are the desserts (I'm the one in the family that developed a sweet tooth), in this blog, I'd like to share with you all her recipe for hamburgers. In a way, they're essentially meatloaf patties, but my Grandma learned how to cook these from her Mother. With 11 siblings in her family, this recipe stretches the hamburger, allowing her Mother to have enough to feed everyone!

Big family or small, Potluck or party, this passed down through generations recipe is great for providing a quick summertime meal! Find all the details in the graphic below and share away!






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